Frequently Asked Questions – Unit Funding
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Frequently Asked Questions – Unit Funding

For the ``funded`` categories, should I record a dollar amount expended, or the number of funded grants/contracts/training programs/etc.?

The total dollar amount processed through the unit/department budget each year should be listed.

Do the ``funded`` categories include research contracts as well as grants?

Yes.  Contracts should also be listed if they are expenditures processed through the unit/department budget. Federal and other external sources should be separated into the respective categories.

How do I report grants that are not just for research (i.e., they are combination grants - combined research and research/training) as well as straight research training grants. The grants are from large foundations. Would they count?

Grants are grants, not necessarily research grants, as long as they are expenditures processed through the departmental budget.  Training grants, research, contracts, etc. would count.  The key differentiations are between federal, non-federal, and internal.