Frequently Asked Questions – General
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Frequently Asked Questions – General

What are the indices from the evaluation that are used to rank kinesiology doctoral programs?

There are two overall indices:

  1. Faculty data which contribute 66% to the overall score.
  2. Student data which contribute 34% to the overall score.

Faculty Indices (66%)

Productivity 30%

Journal publications 15%
Books 7%
Chapters 5%
Nat/Intl invited/keynote Presentations 3%

 Funding 22%

Federal research funds 12%
Non-federal research funds 8%
Internal grant funds 2%

Visibility 14%

Editor or section editor 5%
National Academy Kinesiology Fellow 3%
Other nat/intl fellowships 2%
Individualized and age-normalized GS h-index 4%

 Students Indices (34%)

Admissions Cumulative undergraduate GPA 5%
Graduate Assistant Support 13%
Doctoral publications 7%
Employment 9%

Postdoctoral positions 2%
Tenure-track employment in the field 5%
Other positions requiring doctoral degree 2%

How and when will the results be released?

The results will be released at the 2023 NAK Annual Meeting.  Subsequently the results will be posted to the NAK website (