Frequently Asked Questions – Faculty Data
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Frequently Asked Questions – Faculty Data

We had a faculty member join us for the first time during the fall 2022 semester. How do I count this person in the system?

Count all scholarly work that the person has done for the variables listed for the years 2020-2022 even if they did not work in your department for all of that time period.

We have a person in a post-doctoral position. How does this person count in the faculty listing?

The person does not count.  The evaluation is looking at full-time, tenured or tenure-earning faculty members in your program.

A faculty member joined us two years ago but held a faculty position at another institution prior to coming to our department. How do we count that person?

Count all scholarly work that the person has accomplished during the period 2020-2022.

Our college Dean holds a faculty appointment in our unit. Should I count the Dean as a member of the faculty?

Administrators may be counted as long as they meet the faculty inclusion criteria listed on Page 3 of the “Instructional Guide.”

Three of our faculty members co-authored a peer-reviewed paper. Does this count as three publications or one publication?

This publication is counted only once.  The variable (Journal Articles) is unique publications from the program.

I have a faculty member who was a Fellow in NAK during the 2022 year but has let their membership lapse. How do I count that?

You would not include this person for this item (NAK Fellow), as they were not an active NAK Fellow in 2022.

How do I include a faculty member who joined our faculty in Spring 2023?

Do not include this faculty member, only include faculty who were members of the faculty during calendar years of 2020, 2021, and 2022.

How do I include an emeritus faculty member?

Do not include this faculty member, only include faculty who were members of the faculty for Fall 2022.  At least 25% of the faculty member’s base salary must come from support that is provided by the academic unit sponsoring the doctoral program.

A faculty member had a paper accepted for publication in the fall of 2022, can this be included as a publication?

The crucial criteria here is the date of publication for the final archival version of the publication.  Consider, what in two years time will the year of publication be for this publication?  If that date is after 2022 it would not be counted in this review.  While accepted, has the paper been published?  Some journals make papers available on-line (often not formatted or with page numbers) prior to publication, in this case this publication would not count.

Do these questions/information need to be completed for the entire department or can we just submit information for one part of the department? For example, can information be sent for exercise science but not sports management?

Generally, the evaluation will cover the kinesiology-related doctoral program in the department. Most departments offer a single doctoral degree program in kinesiology or sports science. It is not our intent to evaluate sub-disciplines within the major (e.g., biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor behavior, sport psychology, etc.).

Within a university, however, more than one program may be evaluated separately. In such situations these programs would typically fall under separate administrative structures, have unique sets of faculty members, different criteria for admissions/programs, and faculty tend not to share student program teaching and advising.

How to count abstracts of presentations?

Abstracts of presentations (e.g., oral and poster) are not counted as publications. Only invited, keynote presentations at national or international meetings are now counted.

How should the bibliography be formatted?

The bibliography should be in three sections:  Journal Articles, Chapters, and Books.  The publications should be listed in alphabetical order, in the APA 7th edition format.  It is anticipated that most programs will exploit bibliographic software for collating and formatting these references.  The final submitted file should be a Microsoft Word© file.