Operating Code for the Standing Committee on Memorials
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Operating Code for the Standing Committee on Memorials

General Duties

  1. The Committee on Memorials shall be a Standing Committee of the Academy, appointed to conform to the provisions set forth in the By-Laws, Article IX, Section 5(d).
  2. The Committee shall consist of three members appointed by the President of the Academy in keeping with the By-Laws, Article IX, Section 4. A resignation from the Committee shall be reported to the President for appointment of a successor.
  3. The Chairperson of the Committee shall be appointed by the President.
  4. Upon knowledge of the death of an Academy Fellow-Active, Emeritus, or International- the Committee Chairperson shall report this to the President and arrange preparation of two “In Memorium” statements pointing out the unique contributions of the deceased Fellow. One statement shall be a long form (two page, double-spaced) that shall be printed in the Academy Newsletter. The second statement shall be a short form of the long form (one page, double-spaced) that shall be read at the Annual Meeting.
  5. A copy of the long form of the “In Memorium” statement shall be sent by the Committee Chairperson with a personal letter to a close family member of the deceased.
  6. Any form of special ceremonial tribute shall be determined by the Committee on Memorials, cleared in advance and approved by the President.
  7. The Chairperson shall prepare the Committee report and present it to the Executive Committee prior to the Annual Business Meeting. Included in the report should be any recommendations for needed changes in the Committee’s Operating Code.
  8. Following the Annual Meeting, the Committee Chairperson shall turn over to the incoming Chairperson those contents of the Committee’s files that are judged to be helpful to the work of the new Committee.