Operating code for the President-Elect
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Operating code for the President-Elect

General Duties

  1.  Assume responsibilities listed in the President’s Operating Code at the end of the Annual Meeting of the year elected and serve for a one-year period.
  2.  Act for the President in the event of his/her absence or inability to act.
  3.  Perform such Academy duties as may be delegated by the President.
  4.  Exchange copies of all correspondence, including e-mail, pertaining to Academy matters with the President and the Secretary-Treasurer.
  5.  Serve on the Program Committee for the next annual meeting and coordinate one or more sessions at the Annual Meeting.
  6.  Serve as Chair of the Standing Committee on Nomination and Election of Officers.
  7.  Submit materials to the Academy Historian as appropriate.
  8.  Prior to the Annual Meeting in which office is assumed, review and make recommendations for revisions to the By-Laws and Operating Codes so that these documents are kept up-to-date on the website

Miscellaneous Responsibilities

  1.  When notice is received about the new President-Elect, email a copy of this Operating Code to the person elected. Be certain that this is not done before the President has had an opportunity to notify the person elected. Indicate to the new person that a careful examination of the Code will be made prior to the Annual Meeting, and what appear to be desirable changes will be sent along.
  2.  At least sixty days before the Annual Meeting, begin a review of the membership of the various committees and begin selecting active fellows to assume the roles vacated. Try to have all positions filled by the annual meeting. Determine whether new standing and/or ad hoc committees are needed.
  3.  At least thirty days before the Annual Meeting, a report of the year’s work will be requested by the President.

Annual Meeting at Which Office of President is Assumed

Receive “the Torch” from the President at end of the Banquet.

Review and update your electronic files so that you can turn them over to the incoming President-Elect on a thumb drive.