Operating Code for the Past-President
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Operating Code for the Past-President

  1. Assume the office of Past-President at the close of the Annual Meeting.
  2. Attend NAK Executive Committee meetings.
  3. Chair the Program Committee for the Annual Meeting conducted during the year of service as Past-President. See Program Development Responsibilities below.
  4. Write a message for each edition of the NAK Newsletter.
  5. Become the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Documents of Governance upon leaving the office of Past-President.
  6. Submit materials to the Academy Historian as appropriate.
  7. Distribute relevant materials used in the Past-President role to the new Past-President on a thumb drive so that they have all relevant documents as templates for their upcoming role (e.g., discussions regarding program format, speakers, layout of the program, introductory narrative to the program theme, opening remarks, etc.).

Program Development Responsibilities

  1. Identify one or more proposed plans and formats (including theme and suggested topics) for the program for the following year’s Annual Meeting. This can be one’s own ideas based on past programs, current issues, and suggestions from Fellows.
  2. Attend the meeting of the new Executive Committee. Discuss the progress made in developing various program recommendations and possible formats for the following year’s Annual Meeting.
  3. Establish a Program Advisory Committee.
  4. Continue discussions with Program Advisory Committee members about one or more possible program theme and other issues for the Annual Meeting.

Program Planning During the Year

Program for General Sessions

  1. Limit participation as speakers in the General Sessions to Fellows (Active, Emeritus, and International). The intent is not to prohibit attendance–merely to restrict participation to our own membership.
  2. Make an effort to involve new members in program activities.
  3. As soon as the program plan is approved by the President or the Executive Committee, implement it as rapidly as possible.
  4. When inviting Fellows to present papers, the following are some requirements to be considered:
  • An electronic copy of the formal written paper is required for publication in The Academy Papers, which shall be the firt issue of each volume of Kinesiology Review. Authors must comply with the publication guidelines of the journal.
  • The time allotment for each participant should be designated. If there is a reactor, the final copy of a paper should be mailed to the reactor by a date sufficient to provide a timely review and preparation of a written and oral response.
  • If more than one person is speaking on the same or closely related topic at a particular session, the people involved should exchange working outlines as soon as possible after accepting an assignment.
  • The program planner may wish to allow sufficient time at the conclusion of the time allotted for speaker(s) and reactor(s) for discussion.
  1. A budget will be available to assist in defraying Annual Meeting program costs, which will be agreed upon and approved among the Business Manager, Past-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. In instances where the invited Keynote speaker is a international fellow, the National Academy of Kinesiology will provide the Fellow with travel, lodging, and a conference registration waiver. No honorarium will be provided.

Program Copy

  1. Send program information to the Business Office for inclusion in the Spring Newsletter. The program may not be complete at this time; however, the theme and format should be available (as well as session topics–if they are assigned ones).
  2. By three months prior to the Annual Meeting, a final copy of the program with all details ready for publication and distribution should be submitted to the Business Manager/Business Office.