Operating Code for the Standing Committee on Awards



General Duties


The Committee on Awards is a standing committee [By-Laws Article IX, Section 5(b)]. It shall be composed of six Active Fellows of the Academy (three women and three men), one of whom shall be designated by the President as Chairperson. Each member shall serve for a term of three years.


Purpose of the Committee

  1. The specific purpose of the Committee is to carry out the election of one Fellow to be honored by the Hetherington Award.
  2. In addition, the Committee may recommend to the Fellows special recognitions of others appropriate to unique situations (Article X, Section 3, By-Laws 1999).

Purposes of the Hetherington Award

  1. The Hetherington Award was established in honor of Clark W. Hetherington to provide recognition for an Academy Fellow’s service to the National Academy of Kinesiology and for contributions specifically related to the purpose of the Academy as an organized group of professional and academic leaders in kinesiology and physical education. Such service and contributions may include:

    1. Production or stimulation of needed research. 
    2. Contributions of philosophical and/or scientific concepts. 
    3. Effective dissemination of professional knowledge through writing, speaking, and/or teaching. 
    4. Direction of theses and dissertations where significant contributions have been made. 
    5. Active participation and service as a member of the Academy in its affairs.
  2. Any Academy Fellow (Active or Emeritus) who has retired from his/her professional position is eligible for this award (Article X, Section 1, By-Laws 1999). No one may receive the award twice.

NOTE: The Business Manager shall provide the Committee Chairperson a list of those retired Fellows who retain Active or Emeritus status as listed in the current Membership Directory.



  1. Procurement of Nominations

    1. The Chairperson of the Committee shall include a statement announcing the deadline for nominating candidates by the Fellows to the NAK Newsletter Editor for inclusion in the first NAK Newsletter following the Annual Meeting. A list of previous Hetherington Award winners shall be linked to from the website in this NAK Newsletter. 
    2. Nominations shall be made by fowarding a current vita of the nominee and a nomination letter of support summarizing the nominee’s unique contributions to the field, per the criteria listed above. Nominations must be received by the Chairperson of the Awards Committee by February 1. 
    3. Nominations must be made annually as there will be no automatic carry-over of previous nominees. The request for updated vitae on the annual basis is most fair to the candidate. It is especially true for Emeriti whose continued activity in professional matters may not be fully evident to Academy members. It is an honor to be nominated; therefore, the nominator may feel free to contact the nominee to request updated vita.
  2. Determination of Awardee

    1. Hetherington Award - No later than February 15, the Chair shall send the names and curriculum vitae of nominees for the Hetherington Award to the members of the Standing Committee on Awards. The Committee members shall rank, in order of choice (1 for first, 2 for second, etc.) each individual nominated for the Hetherington Award. The deadline for returning rankings shall be March 1. The Chair will determine from those returned rankings the winning candidate as the one with the lowest total votes using the preferential balloting procedure. 
    2. If there is a tie for the person receiving the lowest vote, the Chair shall send the names and curriculum vitae of the two top, tied candidates to Executive Committee members. The ranking of the two candidates shall take place in the same manner as by the Committee on Awards. The deadline for returning rankings shall be March 15. 
    3. If only one nomination is submitted, the curriculum vita of this nominee shall be sent to all members of the Standing Committee on Awards no later than February 15. The Committee members shall vote "yes" or "no" on this nominee, with a voting deadline of April 1. A "yes" vote by the majority of the Committee (four of the six members) shall constitute the selection of this candidate as the awardee. 
    4. The Chair shall notify the President of the outcome.
  3. Presentation of the Hetherington Award. 

    1. It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Awards to prepare the award statement and to send copies to the President, Secretary-Treasurer, and historian of the Academy. 
    2. The citation statement should include: 

      1. the more lengthy list of accomplishments to be read by the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Awards at the banquet. 
      2. a brief statement, not to exceed 15 words, to be inscribed on the Award. The Academy Business Office will be responsible for having the appropriate Award inscribed.
    3. The President of the Academy will inform the person cited and will issue appropriate invitations for him/her to attend the Annual Banquet at which the award will be formally presented. The Academy will provide the recipient with complimentary registration to the annual meeting,up to 3 nights lodging at the conference hotel. domestic round-trip airfare, and complimentary banquet tickets for up to 4 guests. Travel arrangements should be cleared by the NAK Business Office
    4. At the banquet the Chairman of the Committee or, at the invitation of the Chairman with the President’s approval, an appropriate member of the Academy will read the award statement and present the candidate to the President who then will present the appropriate certificate to the awardee. 
    5. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for publicizing the award through the various media available.




    1. The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Awards shall keep an accurate, up-to-date file. This file shall be made available to the next Committee Chairperson. It should include a list of past Hetherington Awardees. 
    2. The Chairperson is to retain ballots until following the meeting where the awards are presented.


    Proposed Timetable for Chairperson of Committee on Awards


    1. Annual Meeting: 

      1. Request nominations for Hetherington Award. 
      2. Prepare a ballot to be included in the next NAK Newsletter following the Annual Meeting for Fellows to nominate candidates. See Operating Code for specifics. NOTE: If the Chairperson of the Committee is not to be chairperson the next year, take or send a sample ballot to the annual meeting for the next chairperson.
    2. February 1

      All up-dated vitae of award nominees must be submitted by persons who made the nomination. 
    3. February 15

      Send Hetherington candidates’ names and vitae to Committee members for ranking (see Operating Code). 

      Establish a deadline for return of rankings. The balloting (see Operating Code) must be completed by March 1. 
    4. March 1

      Determine the top Hetherington candidates using the preferential balloting procedure (See Operating Code and copy of Preferential Ballot System). 
    5. April 1

      Inform the Academy President of the winner of the Hetherington Award. (Depending upon the election schedule and NAK Newsletter deadlines, the President may notify the Academy membership of the winner through a feature in the next NAK Newsletter, through a flier to be inserted in the NAK Newsletter, or through a special program mailing distributed during the last six weeks prior to the Annual Meeting). 

      Prepare citation statements as indicated in Operating Code and send to appropriate persons at least three weeks in advance of Annual Meeting. 

      Prepare annual report and recommendations for revisions in Operating Code for the Annual Meeting. 

      Update records and files and prepare for transmission to next Chairperson at the Annual Meeting or soon thereafter.