Operating Code for Members-at-Large



General Duties

  1. Assumes responsibilities at the end of the Annual Meeting of the year elected and serves for a two-year period. 
  2. Represents the membership on the Academy Executive Committee. 
  3. Perform such Academy duties as may be delegated by the President. 
  4. Attend all meetings of the Executive Committee. 
  5. The Members-at-Large will oversee the Academy Newsletter. They will meet with the Business Office via phone to plan each issue (two per year) and draft an email soliciting articles or information to be included in the newsletter. They will also forward any articles received to the Business Office and review/edit all articles submitted for inclusion in each newsletter issue.
  6. The Members-at-Large will be responsible for periodically reviewing the Academy Web Site and informing the Business Manager of suggested changes. They will perform a comprehensive review prior to the annual meeting and recommend revisions to the Executive Committee at the pre-conference meeting as part of their report.