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Doctoral Programs


This site provides information about doctoral programs that focus on the study of physical activity. Numerous doctoral program titles (e.g., exercise science, kinesiology, movement science, sport science, physical education) are included but all feature the study of physical activity broadly defined to include exercise, sport, movements of daily life (e.g., gardening, picking up a glass, climbing stairs), and work- related physical activity (e.g., typing, lifting boxes, carpentry).


The sites below are listed by state and provide a web address for the institution and the department with the doctoral program (some institutions have more than one department with programs and some departments have more than one program). There are more than 66 doctoral institutions with programs in this field located in 35 states. Of the 35 states, 17 (49%) have one doctoral granting institution, 12 (34%) have two doctoral granting institutions, 5 (14%) have three doctoral granting institutions, and 1 (3%) has five doctoral granting institutions. .


If you are looking at doctoral programs, you may be seeking information about institutions near you, institutions that offer specific programs, or institutions with specific faculty. One way to evaluate doctoral programs (there are many) is by the NAK evaluation of doctoral programs (not all included) published in Kinesiology Review (Beverly D. Ulrich & Deborah L. Feltz, 2016) and located elsewhere on this website. Also, the number of elected Fellows from the National Academy is an indicator of quality in the doctoral programs. We are the national academy for our field and have 165 active elected Fellows. Listed below each institution are the name(s) of Fellows from the National Academy.  (An updated listing of doctoral institutions is currently being prepared and will be listed on the site in late August 2018.)